Dr Erica Malcolm & Elwood

"As a veterinarian, I want to provide treats for my dog that are nutritious, safe and cruelty-free. 

As a follower of a plant-based diet, I want to support companies that are environmentally conscious and align with a sustainability ethos. 

As a dog owner, I just want to spoil my pup with something delicious!

Rascals Treats tick all these boxes, and they smell so good that sometimes Elwood just has to share!!"

- Dr Erica Malcolm BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS


Rin & Lucy

Evie & Jess

Evie & Jess

 I have purchased your treats a few times now for my dogs Lucy and Rin (Cook Grocers and Handmade Markets). They absolutely love them. Lucy is recovering from a total hip replacement at the moment and giving her your pumpkin treats whenever she needs to go back into her crate for her recovery is the main reason we can get her in there! Keep up the good work. It's good to see a local business doing so well. 


Evie & Jess

Evie & Jess

Evie & Jess

 We bought a mixed bag of treats at the OBD Markets today and both our dogs absolutely LOVE them. All of them. We are totally amazed cos our older girl is the fussiest dog in the universe. We will be getting a lot more of these. Nutritious, vegan and obviously very tasty. What's not to like?