our story


 Before we share our story, we would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners of the land on which we work –the Ngunnawal Peoples. 

It is upon their ancestral lands that Rascals Treats is built. We wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.



Any dog, anywhere, I cannot resist a hug! Dogs always put a smile on my face and I love coming home to my two little rascals Gilbert and Ruby. Before Rascals Treats I studied Animal Science at University and worked for many years in veterinary medicine regulation. I have always been passionate about animals and feel very lucky to be a part of a cruelty free business that considers all animals in its vision. When I’m not cooking up a storm in the Rascals Treats kitchen you will find me cooking healthy and (hopefully!) delicious plant-based meals for my favourite humans.  



I have always been the BIGGEST dog lover! I love dogs of all shapes and sizes and have been lucky to have a few special dogs in my life. The special two that I share with my wife Susie are Gilbert the German Shepherd X and Ruby the Red Heeler. Before Rascals Treats I undertook a Medical Science degree and enjoyed a career in the health sciences. Being able to work with my best friends (both human and canine) is the best part of starting Rascals Treats with the added benefit of contributing positively to our environment and animal welfare that I am so passionate about. 



 I live with my two lovely but very naughty rascals, Harlow and Morris. Before Rascals Treats, I was a long term employee in the ACT Government Public Service. I have put that role on hold to be able to fully pursue my work at Rascals Treats. During my public service tenure, I worked on some amazing projects, from which I learnt a lot, and which I am now applying to the work of Rascals Treats. This included working with and reforming the regulation of the veterinary profession in the ACT. Oh, I also studied advertising and marketing at the University of Canberra. It has been 10 years in the making but I am finally using this part of my degree! Also, I get to use it for a company I helped start and that I am extremely passionate about! I love the creativity behind most of our business decisions, and I love working with, and learning from, my two colleagues and friends.  

rascals Taste testers





Well, Harlow is a labrador-cross, so we know her favourite thing in the world (after Clare, of course) is her FOOD! Harlow takes food VERY seriously! Actually, any task Harlow sets her mind too, she takes seriously, but food is of the utmost importance. 

Harlow is often found crying with excitement and gratitude after special home cooked meals, and drooling, extensively, while eating Rascals Treats.





Morris came to his love of food later in life. Morris is allergic to most meats, which has caused many issues in trying to find a suitable pet food for him. Maybe because of this, we struggled for years to get him to eat. One thing we now know about Morris is that he LOVES his vegetables and fruits. We are yet to find one he doesn’t enjoy raw or cooked. Morris is a ridiculously good looking boy, who is, at times, slightly flakey - this just makes him cute and hilarious. 





Gilbert is a true gentleman. He has a way of stealing your heart with his gentle and loyal nature. Gilbert has not always been a food motivated dog and chose to specialise in sniffing anything and everything while securing the perimeter with frequent patrols! He has always found smells the most intriguing thing so it is his job to advise on the smell of Rascals Treats and we are always happy to see his schnoz hard at work. Now a true food convert since Rascals Treats Gilbert is happy to sit at the kitchen doorway supervising the treat production line.





Ruby the red rascal is full of beans - just the way a young pup should be! She has a face that makes you want to smile, and provides 24-7 entertainment with her rumbles, tumbles, leaps and bounds! Ruby is a rescue dog and some of her story is unknown, but we are loving getting to know her quirks (including nipping at our heels!) and helping her settle into her forever home. From day one Ruby has been a fan favourite of Rascals Treats and will pull out just about every trick in the book to get one! High five, Ruby!  





Tankie was the original rascal in our lives. We reflect on her as being the best dog ever, although they are all perfect in their own way. We decided on the name Tank to describe the solid little nugget that had come into our lives at 8 weeks old - a short-haired border-collie X Staffy. She was the best big sister to Gilbert and loved her plays with Morris, Harlow and Memphis. Tankie couldn’t believe her luck when we all started a dog treat business and thrived in her role as a chief taste tester. She stole hearts everywhere we went and will have ours forever - we are so grateful for the 13 years we had together. 

the rascals story

Rascals Treats was created by us! Three long-time friends who are passionate about animal welfare, the environment, and sustainability. 

With a shared obsession for chickpeas, we knew that the hearty legume had to be the key ingredient in all our treats. Chickpeas are extremely healthy for both humans and dogs. From that “seed” – and after extensive research and design – we have developed our many delicious and healthy dog treat varieties and dog food meal booster. 

We officially launched Rascals Treats in June 2019. Since then, we have been having fun selling our products in Canberra and Australia wide, and meeting many wonderful dogs and their loving owners along the way.

Promoting positive animal welfare and environmental outcomes put us on a path of a plant-based diet, and ultimately inspired the development of Rascals Treats. Like us, we wanted our dogs to have healthy, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly dog treat options.

The tragic pet food contamination incidents in Australia and the importation of cheap and unhealthy dog treats from overseas, with no regulation, also inspired Rascals Treats. While it is our goal to firmly establish ourselves in the pet food industry, another equally passionate goal is to influence a change across the entire pet food industry; to produce high quality, healthy, and ethical pet food. Through our customers, we hope to help improve animal welfare, environmental outcomes, and the wellbeing of our pets. 

Between us we have four dogs: 

  • Gilbert – German Shepherd cross;
  • Harlow – Labrador cross;
  • Morris – Old English Sheepdog; and the newest Rascals Treats family member 
  • Ruby – Red Heeler. 

We are passionate about our dogs! And we have always wanted them to be as healthy as possible, and to enjoy being the mischievous rascals they all are. While we want to change the pet food industry, we also want to have fun doing it. 

Our dogs are very much a part of our business. They have inspired our packaging, which features true stories about their shenanigans, and they taste test all of our products, to ensure they meet high doggy standards. All four of our dogs thoroughly enjoy being Rascals Treats’ official taste testers – and they take the role very seriously!   

Rascals Treats is also focussed on becoming a completely sustainable company. This is a consideration of ours when making all business decisions, from what sustainable packaging option we use for our treats; to what toilet paper we stock at our premises. Who Gives a Crap? Well, we do! In 2020 we became an accredited ACT Government Actsmart business recycler. This accreditation recognises that our company is actively recycling, reducing our waste, and making sustainable decisions. 

Doghouse Kitchen

Rascals Treats - Dog Treats

Not your regular dog food company

At Doghouse Kitchen we believe that your little Rascal deserves the best! We love all dogs especially naughty ones!

 Rascals Treats is a cheeky, fun-loving, alternative dog treat for the considerate consumer. We have created dog treats that are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - something that you can feel good about giving your dog. Rascals Treats are made with real plant-based food including fresh herbs and vegetables  - 100% plant-based and cruelty free dog treats! #vegan  

Rascals Treats - Dog Treats

No sh*t ingredients

We use real food in Rascals Treats . Seriously.

 Our dog treats contain only the best fruits, vegetables, pulses and herbs and are FREE FROM nuts, oil, grains, artificial colours and flavours. Just REAL food! 

Rascals Treats - Dog Treats

Plant-based company

Making a difference by choosing to use only plant-based ingredients in our dog treats. Get your Rascals Treats now.

 We are passionate about you, your dog and the environment. Our products have an ingredient list you will feel great about.